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Boost Your Bio
5 simple steps to create a bio that will attract your ideal audience, increase your reach, and generate conversions.
Hype your highlights
Learn the basics of a successful highlight feed—What content to include, how to name them, the ideal cover photo, and more.
Freshen Your Feed
The overproduced, super branded, matchy-matchy look is OUT—Learn what’s working on Instagram NOW with this quick guide to a curated feed.
Picture Your Profile Pic
Learn how to optimize and take full advantage of the MOST shared photo on your Instagram—Your profile picture.
Golden Goals
Learn the most important metrics to be tracking AND how to set goals that will help you get the most out of Instagram for your business.
I thought I knew a lot about IG. I have even taken an expensive 6-week course that was good, but DID NOT compare to the 5 days in the Sprint. My reach and engagement tripled. I have been stuck and this was the push I needed to enjoy Instagram again!
Lacey Alexander
Interior Photographer
I really enjoyed it! It was simple and I feel like I learned valuable information. I already knew about mostly everything, but didn't realize they all played part in the bigger picture. I feel like I have the tools to continue on with confidence. Thanks so very much, Anna!
Pepper Grass Ranch
Alpaca Rentals

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